Resourceful and enthusiast of processes or technology that improve living.

Telecom-Engineer with experience in Project-Management and Digital-Marketing.

• Creator of innovative solutions, and with an innate ability to make processes more efficient.

• Proficient in project and team management, reliable and synergic.

• Expertise in industrial automation, digital-presence, ecommerce, and online-marketing.

• Excellent communication, reporting and people skills.

• Strategic mentality , quality result oriented and with a trained intuition.

• Fluent in English(C1) & Spanish(MT), functional in German(B2) & French(B1).

• Open to new professional realms and industries.


Technical University of Engineers (ETSI), University of Seville, Spain

1998/Sep - 2005/Nov Seville, Spain Telecommunications Engineer (IT) Master in Telecontrol, Automation, and Robotics (ISCED 7)

Final project granted with excellence.


ELECTROAMSA (ISASTUR), Industrial engineering company.

2006/Feb - 2007/Jun Seville, Spain Project Manager - Instrumentation and Control Engineer

Project manager in deployments of systems of instrumentation and automatic control.
• Design and setup process control systems, and power and control panels.
• Supervise a multidisciplinary team and coordinate it between departments.
• Negotiate with customers and contractors.
• Program visual algorithms, PLCs, SCADAs, and touch terminals.
• Supervise of detail engineering within the project implementation.
• Onsite commissioning, testing and turnkey delivery of the systems.
• Manage the economic flow of the project, and make technical assessments.
• Write and structure technical documentation.

SRN, Digital communication firm.

2007/Jul - 2016/Jan Seville, Spain Digital Marketing Consultant

• Lead the management and development of web projects.
• Promote sales operations, determine client’s needs, and draft proposals.
• Learn and provide always with latest available UI enhancements.
• Program themes and behaviors in Drupal, Wordpress and Prestashop.
• Design graphics, images, ads, presentations and formatted documents.
• Produce and post-produce marketing oriented photographs and intro-videos.
• Design the Information structure, re-organize it.
• Re-write content based on simplicity and understandability.
• Design and analyze user-interfaces (UI) following subconscious tendencies.
• Apply neuromarketing and psychology techniques.
• Analyze and report Statistics, perform in-page SEO strategies, optimize SEM.